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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reset my password?
Forgot your password? No worries! You can have a new password sent to the email address associated with your account, here.
How can I make a feature suggestion?
We love hearing your ideas! Please contact us at request@recipecloudapp.com anytime.
I'm having trouble, do you offer support?
Of course! Simply contact us at support@recipecloudapp.com to report the issue you are having. Please include your name and contact information and as much details about the problem so we can best help you.
Why does RecipeCloud charge a subscription fee?
As a cloud service we will store and maintain your recipe data indefinitely. Annual fees allow us to maintain the servers and provided updates and upgrades on a regular basis. We plan to offer a life-time subscription option in the future, if you are intersted in that please contact us at general@recipecloudapp.com.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Simply navigate to your account settings then you can manage your subscription settings there if you signed up online. If you signed up on your iOS device you will need manage your subscription from within iTunes.
Can I access the recipes I have saved if I cancel my subscription?
Yes! If you pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, the recipes and books you save will be available in your account forever. You just will not be able to save additional recipes until you renew your subscription.
How do I delete my RecipeCloud account?
Simply contact us at support@recipecloudapp.com and we will remove your account details.

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