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Knife Fork and Chew
"I've never written an app review before, but I came across this app [Recipe Cloud] recently in the iTunes App Store and I was impressed enough to write about it..."

"Recipe Cloud keeps all of your favorite meals in one place"

What Users are Saying

"I love using recipe cloud because it's the easiest way to share recipes with friends and family!" - Eva Samoza

"I've tried several recipe savers but they where not working for me. In recipe cloud, my favorite feature of all, and the reason Im sticking to it, is the ability to add recipes from a website and store the website where it comes from. That way i know my favorite recipes and can keep track of the websites they come from." - Adri

"This app is just what I was looking for! I'm always finding recipes on various websites and either have to bookmark the page or email it to myself to try to keep track of all the ones I like and want to use again. With this app I can pull all the information from those online recipes and store them in my own custom cookbook for easy access and reference! If you have your own recipes that you want to add you can add those manually; so you're not limited to pulling recipes from the web. Great app, that I will definitely keep forever." - Diego Ojeda

Press Releases

May 7, 2013: Recipe Cloud - Changing The Way We Cook
January 18, 2013: Introducing Recipe Cloud - The Social Cookbook

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